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Walton’s Mountain


One of my favorite childhood television series was the Walton’s.   I loved everything about it, especially JohnBoy!  The show offered insight into the daily activities of a large family in central Virginia.  The adventures, family dynamics, and beautiful scenery made for a compelling show.  How fun that over forty years later, I’d be living in Virginia, about eight miles from the Walton’s original homestead.

Even better:  the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast, which we now proudly own, is part of the Walton’s story.  Season one, episode 14, was loosely based on our property.  A former apple orchard, it was the perfect spot to link Mr. Pritchett’s Apple Orchard to the Walton’s story.  (You may recall that this was the episode where MaryEllen ran away to Virginia Beach…..)   Another observation:  the house and property here at the bed and breakfast resemble the house featured on the Walton’s show even moreso than the actual/original Walton’s home!

The good news for our guests would be that they can tour the museum, home, and gift shop at the Walton’s property, and stay with us on another Walton-related property!  The original family that lived here many years ago knew JohnBoy and his family very well, which also makes me very happy.

Our village of Lovingston, a short 8 minutes from the Walton’s place, boasts four sit-down restaurants, a grocery store, the infamous Chicken Coop, a quaint coffee shop, and more. Be part of the Walton’s story yourself!  You can sit on our front porch, overlooking the land that used to be a sprawling apple orchard, and feel like part of the Walton Family history.

Good night, JohnBoy!

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