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Bed and Breakfast “Etiquette”


Every week, we check-in new guests who announce that this is their “first time” at a Bed and Breakfast.  We are beyond thrilled to welcome them to what we believe is the best possible travel experience.   We are also beyond thrilled when at check-out they proclaim that we have set the bar “very high” for any future b and b experiences!

One of our favorite original guests recently stopped by with a friend….her friend shared that she had never been to a bed and breakfast, mainly because she was concerned that there were special “rules” for staying at one that she was oblivious to and she didn’t want to enter uninformed.  This made me smile, while at the same time realizing that it may be reassuring for others to understand any hidden etiquette rules for staying at a bed and breakfast!!

Trust us:  it’s simple.  Back to the golden rule simple.  But in case you’re still wondering, here are a few extra details to make your bed and breakfast experience an especially positive one:

  1.  We’re not a corporate giant, i.e Marriott.  Often there is a small staff trying to make your visit spectacular, sometimes just two owners.  Pay attention to the check-in times and make every effort to adhere to them.  If you can’t make it within the check-in window, no problem, a quick phone call to figure out Plan B is an easy solution!
  2. B & B owners go out of their way to make your visit special and memorable.  Often our homes are furnished with unique pieces of furniture and decor and we appreciate you treating them the way you would want guests in your home to act.   No crazy rules, just respect for beautiful things.
  3. Breakfasts are a key part of the experience at a B & B.  Please make sure you advise in advance of any dietary issues or special requirements pertaining to breakfasts.  Most b & b’s are easily able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, allergies, or just “I don’t like pineapple” requests if you can share that info!
  4. B & B owners’ days are long.  They start with an early alarm for the breakfast prep, and they end after a lot of cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, lawncare, marketing, and in our case, also vineyard work.   It helps if you can be respectful of their “down-time” and not ring the doorbell at 1:30am because your girlfriend isn’t feeling well…
  5. As you can detect, there aren’t many “rules” at all….it’s just common sense and treating others the way you would like to be treated.  Only better.  The interactions and actual friendships that can be formed at a bed and breakfast are wonderful.  We love and appreciate being part of our guests FIRST bed and breakfast experiences and hope they are not their last.  Obviously, we hope all our first timers return here time and time again!!

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