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Bachelorette Party Weekends in Virginia Wine Country

Bachelorette Party Weekends are amongst our favorites here at the Orchard House Bed & Breakfast. Initially, we had visions of a scene from a Las Vegas-based movie, but we’ve got to admit that hosting a bachelorette party weekend in Nelson County is way better than anything Vegas could provide!

This last weekend we welcomed eight girlfriends, from all over the country, to celebrate their friend Holly’s upcoming October nuptials.  The girls arrived Friday night from Colorado, Florida, Philly, and California!  We were very intrigued as to how they found us, why Virginia, and why the Orchard House?

Emily, the ultimate party planner, shared some of her thoughts with me while they were here, and again in a follow-up email thanking us for such a great weekend.

How did they find the Orchard House Bed & Breakfast?  Emily explains:  “Holly wanted her party to be in Virginia, actually Virginia Beach.  When I started making phone calls and inquiries, I was so impressed with how enthusiastic and supportive Deb was on the phone.  The way she described the property and the surrounding area made me think that Nelson County was where we needed to be.  I made other obligatory research phone calls, but I knew that the Orchard House would be perfect.  And I was right.”

The girls arrived in shifts on Friday night, but within 10 minutes of their scattered arrivals, they were laughing and sharing welcoming cocktails in the brand new in-ground salt water pool.  Then one of the girls moms’ called from Florida…she wanted to do something special to help set the tone for the weekend and let the future bride know that she was loved.  She asked us to put together 3 cheese/cracker/fruit and wine packages, and deliver those poolside to the unsuspecting girls.  It was especially fun to see the looks on all their faces when we walked out with the wine and cheese platters.

Saturday started with homemade waffles covered in strawberries/chocolate and cream, scrambled eggs, and Double H Farm local sausage,  followed by a scheduled Wine Tour, and the girls had an amazing day.  They returned to enjoy dinner out at a new local farm-to-table restaurant, more time in the pool, and ended their perfect day around our new gas fire-pit….soaking up the starry skies and plethora of fire flies.

My blog would be incomplete without sharing some of their comments from the thank-you email.

“Our group had a such a wonderful time.  You and Mike are just wonderful, and Holly loved the whole weekend.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Here’s what our group wanted to share that we enjoyed the most:

  1.  We had complete privacy in the Farmhouse.  Not having to worry about disturbing other guests, but still being in that homey comfortable house setting was wonderful.
  2. The fact that each room also had its own bathroom was awesome.
  3. The Saltwater pool and fire pit.  The saltwater pool was a BIG hit.
  4. Complete relaxing setting.  It allowed us to just enjoy each other’s company.  The living room was a great communal place.  It was like having our own house, but still being catered to in a hotel-like setting.
  5. Breakfast.  It was absolutely delicious, and the way you accommodated us to come at a later time and have our own table was so cool.  Not that we didn’t want to share with the other guests, but when you’re on a bachelorette party weekend, you’re not there to share your story with your neighbor.  You allowed us to have our privacy, but managed to do it in such an accommodating way.
  6. The chauffeured wine tour with Mike.  He took us to some great places and was a complete gentleman the whole time.  Serving us the catered lunch made us feel so pampered.  And the fact that he has a relationship with all the places we went made us feel VIP.  It was so easy and so much fun.
  7. Your property is beautiful and the accommodations were great, but honestly it’s the pair of you two that make the place what it is!  We loved getting to know you both, and we felt so welcomed but also safe to let loose a little as well.  Thanks for everything!  I’m so happy Holly had a good time.  We will definitely be back and will bring our other halves next time to treat them at the whiskey distillery.  Thanks again!”

The best paycheck we can begin to receive is such glowing feedback and comments from guests who could be our children.  We loved every minute of their weekend here, from the initial inquisitive phone calls, to the last hug on their way out.  It brings us great joy to be able to share this beautiful property, the amazing and fun spots in Nelson County, and our historical houses with people from all over the country.  And it’s especially fun to share it with Bachelorette Party guests!!!

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