Valentine’s Day at the Orchard House!

Valentine’s Day.  Other than New Year’s Eve, it has become the “holiday” most associated with a unique type of pressure.  Everyone wants it to be perfect.  And memorable.  And the most picturesque way to celebrate a relationship, historic or brand new.  Other than a dozen roses, dinner out, and a heart-shaped box of chocolates, what […]

Lock’n 2016

So we think we have this inn keeping thing figured out, after four months.  And we are anticipating one of the biggest events of the year for Nelson County: LockN.  A “Woodstock”-ish five day non-stop musical event that catapults the Nelson County population from 780 to 36,780 for five fabulous days.  Mike and I are […]

Our Wonderful Guests

We have decided already that there are many wonderful parts of this new lifestyle/”job”.  The best part, hands down, is the wide variety of amazing people we get to meet.  We weren’t really sure on what the typical bed and breakfast guest might be, but in our first few months, this much is clear:  THEY […]

Welcome to our new adventure!

We are the Verplank family and the new owners of the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast. We have approximately two months of inn keeping under our belts…one of the first questions our guests ask is “Why”? The second question is usually “How did you find this place?”, followed by “How do you like it so […]