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Social Distancing re-defined: a safe and happy place for your post-Covid-19 Getaway

We are all trying to wrap our heads around our “new normal” under the Covid-19 virus crisis.  And as we adapt to life on “lockdown” at our own homes, we are anticipating the day when we can resume travel and adventures.  Most of us would strongly agree that we can’t wait to experience a getaway with new scenery, perhaps a meal or two that we didn’t personally prepare, and inhaling fresh country air.

We know that in the past, we have offered and helped create the perfect getaway here at the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast.  We literally can’t wait to welcome new and returning guests as soon as possible.  Our entire area is primed and ready to share our pristine and infamous hikes, our award-winning wineries, breweries, and distilleries, and our charming local restaurants.  We also all want to make sure that we are offering the safest and most relaxing getaway out there, when the time is right.  We are taking reservations now, and the final determination of approved travel dates will be based on government travel approvals

These are just a few of the policies and amenities that we will be offering for our future guests’ best, and worry-free, experience:

  1.  A plethora of spots for easy social-distancing.  Our 14 acre property includes multiple places to relax and unwind with your travel companion.  Those spots range from our hammocks, to our gazebo, to our firepit, to our front porch, to our many Adirondack chairs, to our pool and patio area.  At peak capacity, the most guests that would ever be on our property would be 18 between the two houses.  That allows for more than enough space to soak up the mountain views, fresh country air, chirping of the birds, pond peepers, and room to watch the bunnies roam.
  2. Scattered breakfast times, so that no more than six guests are in the dining room at once.  During check-in, breakfast times will be presented and we’ll ask you to choose your favorite available time-slot.  These will be on a first-come, first-serve signup but will insure that you have more than adequate space to dine within social distancing guidelines.
  3. We will also offerg. additional spots (weather permitting) for outdoor breakfast dining.  Those would include the two tables on our front porch, or the tables outdoor and poolside.  Again, lots of space to spread out and safely enjoy our highly-rated breakfasts!
  4. After each room is booked, we will block out the 3 days after check-out, to allow time for any potential germs to dissipate, and a thorough disinfecting of the room and the bedding.  We’ve always appreciated the high ratings on our standard cleanliness, but we will take even more extra measures to make sure every single surface is scrubbed and every linen is disinfected.  This includes the common areas in both the main house and Farmhouse, and all of our outdoor gathering spots.
  5. We are confident that our local partners (restaurants, wineries, breweries, and attractions) are all taking the Covid-19 virus very seriously and undertaking extra measures to keep all of our visitors safe.  Nelson County is a rural area, with tons of wide open spaces, fresh air, and residents who truly love their hometown.  We can’t think of a better place to explore, escape, and get reacquainted with your friends and loved ones.

Please consider booking your first post-virus getaway here with us at the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast.  We are confident that we have the perfect spot, with the peace of mind that all our guests deserve!

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